Deep Stack Poker Strategy: Should you sit out after you double up?

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A common question: "Should I play deep stack poker after I double up? Or should I sit out and come back with a fresh stack?
In this video, I will explain the pros and cons of playing deep stacked poker, and I will show you what is important when deciding whether you should play deep stacked or refresh your poker stack.

The first important factor to consider when choosing your poker strategy is to be honest about your own abilities. Have you studied how to play deep-stacked? Do you know how to adjust to the different dynamics?

Don't get me wrong. Most concepts that apply when you play 100BB deep also apply when you are deeper. But the more mistakes you have in your poker strategy, the more you will lose when playing deep. Thus, a solid understanding of deep stack poker strategy is essential.

What is also important (if not even more important), is the skill level of your opponent. If you find yourself on a table with deep recreational players, it will increase your EV significantly. Because even when you are making mistakes, the mistakes of your opponents are worse. Consequently, their mistakes compensate yours and you will end up winning.

That's also why it is so crucial to table select if you want to win consistent money with poker!

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