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Spend three minutes right now learning to float the flop in order to set up a sweet bluff on the turn in the latest Poker Strategy Power Moves video. Good fundamentals are important in poker but there are tons of special poker moves you can use to win more money.

These days when a player raises before the flop, you can count on them making a continuation bet on the flop almost all the time. Because most starting hands miss the flop about two out of three times, you can catch those players continuation betting with really weak hands. Floating refers to calling their continuation bet on the flop with the intention of winning the pot by bluffing later in the hand.

To float the flop successfully, make sure to remember these three things:

#1 – Floating the flop works better when you're in position because you can pick up on your opponent's weakness if they check to you on the turn.

#2 – This move is designed for heads-up pots so don't bother trying it if you're up against more than one opponent.

#3 – You'll win more pots with this move if you use it against weaker players because they're less likely to bet again on the turn and the river.

To float the flop successfully it's really important to know your opponent. Look for players who are opening a lot of pots and continuation betting every flop. A lot of players know they should be aggressive but have a hard time going beyond a preflop raise and one continuation bet.

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