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Link to download the program from github:
(Updated with some options to customize + code cleanup compared to video version)

Simple script I coded in Python in order to more comfortably use a random number generator during online poker play. Freely available RNG programs I came across were bulky and annoying to use while multi-tabling 6-max NLHE cash.

The script is a basic GUI program using the tkinter package in Python. When you left click on the GUI window, a new random number is generated from 1-100, and colour coded based on how high/low the number is. Right clicking the GUI window clears numbers from your view. The window is easily resized and put wherever you like during play.

I do a quick demonstration of how to use the program at a zoom cash game on pokerstars. GTO, or game theory optimal strategies in poker involve mixed strategies in many situations, so it is worth it to have an easy way to randomize your actions to properly execute preflop opening hand ranges, 3bet ranges, 4bet ranges, 5bet ranges, as well as postflop play.

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