Heads Up Poker Course | Part 1 - Introduction

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For our Heads Up Poker Series, James from the OP-Poker team teaches us how to select the heads up format in the PokerStars client and covers the basics of heads up strategy.

Watch the full Heads Up Poker Course:
Part 1 - Introduction (https://youtu.be/0vIS233_8m4)
Part 2 - Fast-Aggressive Opponents (https://youtu.be/wuPpJnTV3nk)
Part 3 - Tight-Aggressive Players (https://youtu.be/H_JbTLCnCk4)
Part 4 - Good-Passive Players (https://youtu.be/MWBGww8L0jk)
Part 5 - Playing Pro Players (https://youtu.be/YQOMhLdr2rQ)
Part 6 - Keeping Calm (https://youtu.be/3DEmvccMaiw)
Part 7 - The Power of Position (https://youtu.be/ChBwrQpEXmc)
Part 8 - Trusting Your Instincts (https://youtu.be/4D3KNWSZ2YI)
Part 9 - Knowing Your Limits (https://youtu.be/DQqKN8Rg5Rc)

Find out more from James and OP Poker at https://www.op-poker.com/

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