Heads Up Poker Course | Part 2 - Fast-Aggressive Opponents

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James from the OP-Poker team is back with another How to Play Heads Up Poker video and moving onto the $3.50 turbos. What kind of opponent can he expect to face? What strategy tips will he offer? And how can we learn to crush these tables? Find out!

Watch the full Heads Up Poker Course:
Part 1 - Introduction (https://youtu.be/0vIS233_8m4)
Part 2 - Fast-Aggressive Opponents (https://youtu.be/wuPpJnTV3nk)
Part 3 - Tight-Aggressive Players (https://youtu.be/H_JbTLCnCk4)
Part 4 - Good-Passive Players (https://youtu.be/MWBGww8L0jk)
Part 5 - Playing Pro Players (https://youtu.be/YQOMhLdr2rQ)
Part 6 - Keeping Calm (https://youtu.be/3DEmvccMaiw)
Part 7 - The Power of Position (https://youtu.be/ChBwrQpEXmc)
Part 8 - Trusting Your Instincts (https://youtu.be/4D3KNWSZ2YI)
Part 9 - Knowing Your Limits (https://youtu.be/DQqKN8Rg5Rc)

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Date Added: 2020-07-31

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