How to Beat 1/2 Live Poker! Live 1/2 NLHE Crash Course Ep 1 - $1/$2 No Limit Holdem Poker Strategy

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Video 1 of my series on how to beat 1/2 live poker cash games. Poker Strategy 101! This video series applies to players who are having trouble at $1/$2 NLHE live games, who may be losing players, break even players, or inexperienced players.

The videos are to give losing/inexperienced players a simple starting point, and hopefully help them grow as live cash game players. These videos are basically square one, where to start and how to learn basic poker strategy to beat live $1/$2 no limit holdem.

I offer poker coaching for $1/$2 and $1/$3 no limit holdem players who are trying to become profitable and develop a poker thought process! One on one poker strategy coaching sessions on Skype (or even a phone conversation), where we go over hand histories together.

I coach players who take notes on the hands they played, and I also have 1 on 1 courses prepared where I provide the poker hands for discussion, hands from my students and myself.

Email coaching inquiries to or visit my website for more information and pricing

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