How to play MONEYBALL Poker and Build a WINNING Poker STRATEGY

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In this video New Team Gripsed Pro Alex Fitzgerald aka Assassinato breaks down how you can use analytics to improve your poker game and find the spots that yield the most profits in the long run.
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Full list of topics discussed in this poker training video include
-How to use analytics to learn to be the better player by using analytics
-How to apply the moneyball approach to poker the same way they applied it to baseball
-In baseball you need to learn to get people to first base, in poker you need to learn to keep the betting lead
-Why it’s important to be watching theory videos rather than sweat session videos
-How to build your poker game from the ground up with a solid foundation
-Simple is the maximum reward… you need to remember something when you get into battle
-Why making larger than average raises can yield much easier profits than typical raise sizes
-Learn to throw curveballs when everyone else is pitching (and used to facing) fastballs
-When to not use oversized raises in poker tournaments
-What the training sites from the past PokerXFactor teach us about how to make chips in tournaments


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