PHIL IVEY MASTERCLASS Review ???? Should You Get It? (A Professional Poker Player's Honest Assessment)

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A Poker Coach and Professional Poker Player’s in depth review of the Phil Ivey Masterclass. The long awaited poker training course from Masterclass (the same masterclass who brought you the Daniel Negreanu Masterclass).
Should You get it? Read on to find out!

[Full Disclosure: I am an affiliate for masterclass and if you use the links in this video to sign up to their site and I will be compensated. This compensation will go towards improving the gripsed poker training youtube channel and to help me create more high quality content. Thank you for your support!!!]

Phil Ivey is considered by many the best all-around poker player of all time. He has 10 world series of poker bracelets over $26 Million in live poker tournament winnings (an untold amount more from Cash Games) and is well versed in all poker mixed games in addition to being a great no-limit Texas hold’em and Omaha player.

In this Phil Ivey Masterclass review I take you through all 11 lessons in the program giving you an inside look on what they teach. I share my insights and key takeaways from each lesson. And I also offer my professional opinion on what lesson in the masterclass are the most valuable and why.

This is an advanced poker training program for intermediate and advanced poker players. If you’re a good poker player looking to break through to the great or elite level this is a great program to help you make that happen.

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Some of the topics included in the masterclass are:
• Phil’s Journey
• The Mental Game
• Poker Philosophy
• Bankroll Management
• Table image and tells
• Analyzing hands
• Blind Defense
• Playing Suited Connectors
• Floating the Flop
• Bluffing
• Deepstack Play

You also get to see breakdowns of famous hands starring
• Daniel Negreanu
• Phil Hellmuth
• Patrick Antonius
• Doug Polk
• Isaac Haxton
• Antonio Esfandiari
• Tom Dwan
• And More!

And a special breakdown of the greatest bluff of all time:

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Get inside the head of a champion with never before disclosed strategy from poker pro, Phil Ivey. This advanced Masterclass condenses years worth of experience and theoretical knowledge into 11 incredible lessons. Each uncovers new, powerful information to help you sharpen your edge — there's no redundancy, no B.S. Every nugget of advice you get is a gem.

This Masterclass is bursting with advice you can implement into your game immediately! Unlike so many other poker training courses, this Masterclass empowers you to use the intel imparted here to make your own decisions — to become the best possible player you can be, not a pale imitation of someone else.

• Downloadable workbook with recaps, assignments & advanced play guide

• ‘Office Hours’ where you can interact 1-on-1 with Phil himself!

• 11 lessons with video supplements

• Community forum to meet & mingle with other Masterclass students

• Learn anytime, anywhere -- desktop, mobile and Apple TV

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If you have any questions about the Phil Ivey Masterclass please post them in the comments section of this video. I have watched the entire course, taken plenty of notes and have been teaching poker for over 10 years. If there’s one thing I love doing in life it’s helping people become the best poker player they can be. So ask away and help me help you!

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