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Part 2 of this epic series is here and today we are having fun using the straddle features! Players can not only straddle the minimum from under the gun but can choose where to straddle and to how much anytime in any position!!! This creates for a much more action packed game where players have to adjust ranges and be even more prepared to stack off at any given time!

HighStakes are the new kids on the block and offer their users the chance to play vs players in Asia who currently are behind strategy trends and therefore considered much weaker players than those from the US and Europe.

HighStakes also gives you the chance to play with the pros which include Cole South, Luke Schwartz and Joseph Cheong! Bringing back poker to the players and offering you the best VIP system online!

If you want to sign up and make some money you can do so here:

Date Added: 2020-07-31

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