SPIN & GO STRATEGY AND LIVE PLAY at $15 stakes! Spin & Go Strategy Series

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In this "live play" episode from our Spin & Go strategy series, our streamer OP-Poker Nick talks strategy as he plays a series of Spin & Go's at the $15 stakes.

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Heads Up Nash Equilibrium: http://www.holdemresources.net/h/poker-theory/hune.html
Hold'em Manager 2: https://holdemmanager.com/?a_aid=Op-poker

We also offer a free HUD (requires HM2 or PT4) for anyone looking to play Spin & Go's. You can download our free HUD from our Discord channel (link below).

(Go to our Discord, open the #spin-and-go channel and click on pinned messages on top right corner. You should be then able to see the files.)

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/9SArx5V

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Date Added: 2020-07-31

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