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In this video New Team Gripsed Pro Alex Fitzgerald aka Assassinato will give you the playbook for profitable poker. These are strategies that have been proven in the field and backed up by analytics.
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Full list of topics discussed in this poker training video include
-Learning poker math made simple… 8th grade arithmetic and the basic division of combinatorics
-Why Alex couldn’t get away with just sounding cool but had to get data to prove his points
-Why aggression is rewarded in no-limit hold’em and how raw aggression will often beat finesse
-Why Alex’s teachings have to actually work in the field. If they didn’t, Alex would be fired with no job!
-What Alex learned from studying the outliers who did things different and got results from it!
-What separates the ELITE PLAYERS from the Average Players in Poker
-How the playbook in Master The Flop and Master Tournament Poker In One Class will get you to the Final Table in Poker Tournaments, and How To Think Like a Poker Player will help you go off script
-How Alex applied what he learned from Navy Seals and NFL Quarterbacks to optimize his training method
-How awareness helps you find subtleties in situations which will empower you to adjust properly


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