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How To Buy Hot NFT's On - Full Guide
Are you an experienced NFT Ape, or just discovering the world of NFT's? Doensn't matter! might be the platform for you. Buy NFT's and earn CRO Coin reward with for example CryptoPoker, or join the CryptoVerse by buying Loaded Lions. Learn all about it in this video how to use the marketplace. Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 00:28 - Website 00:46 - Drops 01:43 - Marketplace 02:44 - Become a creator 03:27 - Buying NFT's: Drops 03:58 - Buying NFT's: Marketplace 05:57 - My NFT's 06:24 - Sell NFT's 07:16 - My Collection 08:00 - Promising projects 08:39 - CryptoVerse 09:06 - Cards 09:28 - Loaded Lions 10:47 - CRO Spades Drop 12:08 - Conclusion Links: Bonus ???? $25 App Sign-up Bonus: ???? $50 Exchange Sign-up Bonus: #Crypto #NFT #Marketplace Discord: Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: E-mail: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Afternoon Tea" by Mona Wonderlick —​ Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free download: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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???? Polker.Game NFT- зарабатывай играя!
Polker - это пионер среди онлайн-игр в покер, построенный на основе технологии блокчейн и использующий передовые мощности и преимущества игрового движка Unreal Engine. Этот движок создает увлекательные игровые вселенные, вводит в захватывающий процесс геймплея. По планам команды разработчиков, проект будет размещен на таких популярных платформах, как Android, iOS и Windows, Кроме этого игра анонсирована на сервисах стриминга, обладая поддержкой VR нового поколения. ➡️Вебсайт: ➡️Telegram: ➡️Facebook: ➡️Twitter: ➡️Discord: ➡️Twitch: ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ???? CryptoLine в других источниках/CryptoLine in other sources: ✔️ Telegram: ✔️ Twitter: ???? Для сотрудничества/For cooperation: ✔️ Telegram: ✔️ Mail: ⚠️ ДИСКЛЕЙМЕР/DISCLAIMER: Я не несу ответственности за любые материалы, указанные в видео, и не несу ответственности за любые убытки или потери, связанные с любыми продуктами или услугами, упомянутыми в видео. Я призываю зрителей проводить собственные исследования с должной осмотрительностью о компании, продукте или услуге, упомянутых в пресс-релизе. #Polker #PKR #Play2Earn
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4 NFTs TO BUY SOON! | MOST HYPED UPCOMING SOLANA NFT PROJECTS OF MARCH! (100x POTENTIAL NFTs) ???? Earn free crypto on every trade over $10 with FTX App Use Code (JerzyFtx) ???? Save 5% on ALL Trading Fees! (FTX Desktop) ➡️ ???? Get Early access to my crypto calls! - ???? My Socials - ???? Public Discord (no alpha) - In todays video we take a deep dive look into some of the most hyped up NFT projects launching on Solana in march! We've got Project Tenjin, Bongheads, Minerverse, and Dino Labs! All of these projects looks super sick, and I'm looking forward to their NFT launches this month in march 2022! How hype are these Solana NFT projects to you? What do you think! Project Tenjin, and Mineverse reached out to me for collaboration on this video! I am not affiliated with ANY of the projects, and there seems to be some FUD around dino labs.. please do your own research and stay safe! 0:00 Introduction 0:40 Project 1 3:09 Project 2 7:07 $25k March FTX Giveaway 8:12 Project 3 12:26 Project 4 Projects in this video: Cody ➡ Grishuh ➡ Ragnar ➡ Sol Boyz ➡ DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational & entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research before making any decisions with your money. I will not be held liable for any losses or gains you may experience. I am not your financial or investment advisor. This content is for educational and entertainment purposes ONLY. Please do your own research before making any financial decisions in your life! Business Contact - Tags: 4 nfts to buy soon, nfts to buy now, nfts to buy soon, most hype nfts, upcoming solana nft projects, bongheads nft, dino labs nft, tenjin nft, project tenjin, minerverse nft, 1000 Solana challenge, 100 Solana challenge, 1000 sol, upcoming nft projects, solana nfts 100x, upcoming solana nft projects, 100 SOL, 100 Solana challenge, solana challenge, swing trading, flipping nfts, nft flipping, flipping Solana nfts, Crypto, Finance, NFT, Solana, Bitcoin, Crypto market, BAYC NFT, Solana NFT, ethereum, magic eden, new nft, solana nfts, new nft, early nft project, baby ape social club nft, bored ape yacht club, 100x potential, 100x nft, early nft projects, new nft projects, vvs, vvs finance, crypto staking, jerzy, jerzy crypto, jerzy nft, crypto news, how to find nfts, find nfts early, cronos blockchain,, phantom wallet, metamask, ledger, nft 100x, 100x nfts, 100x altcoins, altcoin profits, nft profits, metaverse, solana metaverse, solana portals, metaverse Ethereum, max Maher, Alex Becker, alex becker's channel, nft flipping techniques, 10 to 100 sol, 10 to 100 sol challenge, 100x nft, 10x nfts, solana nfts new, what is nft, jerzy nft, live trading nfts, bored ape yacht club, nfts to buy, nfts to buy now, top new nfts, 100 solana challenge, solana challenge, 1000 solana challenge, 100 to 1000 solana, nfts to buy now, live trading solana nfts, trading nfts, live trading nfts, flipping nfts techniques, astrals nft, 4 NFTs TO BUY SOON! | MOST HYPED UPCOMING SOLANA NFT PROJECTS OF MARCH! (100x POTENTIAL NFTs)
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